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16cm + 19cm + 22cm

Quality & Characteristics of Stainless Steel Cookware

- Constructed utilizing advanced technology, this stainless steel cookware set is durable and resistant to scratching, rust and corrosion. The structure and design of the cookware prevent residue buildups on the bottom of the cookware, making cleanups fast and easy.

- Elegant and ergonomic design of the cookware offers ease of use and convenience.

- Even heat distribution and superior heat conduction expedite and facilitate food preparations. Cooking on low to medium heat is sufficient and retains food's natural flavors, color and nutrients.

- Specially designed stainless steel handle allows cookware to be easily and conveniently carried.

- Reduces the amount of cooking fume produced to ensure healthier cooking and to help maintain a cleaner kitchen.

- Safe to use with metal utensils and stainless steel scrubbers.

- High heat may result in a rainbow-like discoloration on the interior surface of the cookware. This is a natural occurrence with stainless steel if it is overheated and is in no way harmful. Heat tint is due to the presence of other metals in the alloy layer that improves the heat conductivity of the cookware. Such discoloration and stain can be removed easily with stainless steel cleaners.


This cookware series is constructed of SUS 304 premium stainless steel, providing durability and versatility. Featuring excellent heat conductivity and even heat distribution, this cookware set allows for efficient and energy saving cooking. Its ability to retain heat and easy cleanups make food preparations fast, easy and convenient.

Reason For Using Low Heat Setting

This is a set of modernized, energy and time saving pots with rapid heat conductivity. Cooking on low heat setting is sufficient. High heat should not be used as it can burn and blacken the base of the pots, damage the handles, and produce undesirable cooking fumes.

For use with
Induction Stovetop | Gas Stovetop | Halogen Stovetop | Electric Stovetop