This cookware is constructed utilizing aerospace technology to combine premium 304 stainless steel with SUS 430 magnetic stainless steel and highly heat conductive alloy layer. Featuring excellent heat conductivity and even heat distribution, this cookware allows for efficient, energy saving cooking and excellent heat retention.


Interior: SUS 304 Premium Stainless Steel --> Sturdy, safe, hygienic and scratch-resistant

Core: Heat Conductive Alloy --> Rapid and even heat conductivity, energy-saving

Outer Layer: SUS 304 Premium Stainless Steel or SUS 430 Magnetic Stainless Steel

- Ergonomic, cool-to-touch handles provide more balanced, comfortable grip.

- Cookware forms a water seal during cooking to preserve the natural flavor and internal water content of the food. This self-sealing feature achieves healthier cooking and tastier meals.

- Handles are securely affixed to the cookware; cooking surface is smooth without rivets to collect food residue and allows for easier cleaning.


Premium Stainless Steel Multi-Layer Construction

Cookware body is constructed of multi-layer premium stainless steel with heat conductive alloy. Highly polished mirror finish; surface is smooth and does not collect food residue.

Highly Heat Conductive Alloy Layer / Even & Rapid Heat Conductivity

Cookware body consists of highly heat conductive alloy layer. Cooking on low/medium heat setting is sufficient to achieve the same effect as using high heat and can preserve the natural flavors of the food. Time and energy saving.

Nutritious and Handy / Suitable for Multiple Cooking Methods

This cookware can be used for over 10 different cooking methods including braising, boiling, stewing, roasting, baking, smoking, stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming and sautéing.

Non-Stick Performance / Scratch & Abrasion Resistant

Cookware is non-coated with non-stick properties. Durable and scratch/abrasion resistant.

Water Sealing Effect / Waterless & Greaseless Cooking

The water sealing feature of the cookware allows food to be heated within the cookware quickly, retaining the natural moisture released from food, and preserving the nutrients, minerals and natural flavors of the food during the cooking process.

Easy to Clean / Safe & Hygienic

Cookware bottom is designed to help prevent staining. Cleanups are easy with the use of a dishcloth/scouring pad and soapy water.

Healthy /  Environmentally Safe

The amount of cooking fumes produced is minimized to help ensure a healthy cooking experience and safe environment.


Due to the special structure of the Kate Stainless Steel cookware, the lid forms a seal with the cookware body (known as the "Water Seal"), retaining heat and locking in the natural moisture released from food. This self-sealing feature not only saves energy, but also prevents the nutrients, minerals and natural colors of the food from being lost during the cooking process. After rinsing the food, allow food to retain some water and place food inside the cookware. Put the lid on tightly and cook on low heat setting. When food is fully cooked, turn off the heat and allow the cookware to sit for a short time before removing the lid. This will preserve the natural colors, flavor, nutrients and internal water of the food, making the food naturally delicious and flavorful. (Greaseless cooking promotes low-fat, low-cholesterol healthy cooking by eliminating the need for oil or fat).



Step 1. Wash the cookware thoroughly.

Step 2. Dry the cookware by heating over the stovetop with medium heat setting.

Step 3. Add in some cooking oil and turn on medium heat setting.

Step 4. Heat for 30 to 40 seconds until oil begins to ripple and smoke rises.

Step 5. Turn to low heat to reduce the temperature of the cookware before adding the food. This will achieve non-stick performance.



Follow the instructions below to re-season the cookware after a period of using:

Step 1. Clean the cookware thoroughly. Wipe the bottom dry.

Step 2. Dry the entire cookware by heating over the stovetop with medium heat setting.

Step 3. Heat the cookware for 20-30 seconds until smoke begins to rise. Add in a few drops of cooking oil and wipe the interior evenly.

For use with

Gas Stovetop | Halogen Stovetop | Electric Stovetop | Induction Stovetop (Saucepan only)